Hello, I'm an incoming Master's in Artificial Intelligence student at Boston University. I completed my Bachelor's in CS at the University of Michigan, taking coursework in CV, NLP, AI/ML, and Deep Learning. I'm driven by my curiousity, and have even learned how to decode QR codes by hand because I wanted to learn how they worked. My main interests lie in Deep Learning, especially with multimodal decision making based on both textual and visual inputs.





Fast Learner


My Experiences

  • 2022- Microsoft SWE Intern

    With this internship I'm gaining full stack experience. I have to handle user data securly between my front and back ends, adding functionality to internal tools to automate tasks for my team. The tech stack I'm using involves React-Redux for the frontend, and C# with Kusto for my backend.
    Company: Microsoft
    Duration: MAY - AUG 2022
    Location: Bellevue, Washington
    Languages: Typescript, React, C#

  • 2021- Amazon SDE Intern

    I worked with the Computer Vision, QA & Camera teams to develop an automated testing platform. My project was responsible for processing and moving data around at a speed of 0.5 GB per second on an ARM Core. My multithreaded approach kept impact to the CPU and RAM low, which was important as a constraint was to not use any cloud services.
    Company: Amazon
    Duration: MAY - AUG 2021
    Location: Sunnyvale, California
    Languages: Java

  • 2020- Backend Software Engineering Intern

    I designed and built a fullstack web application in a team of 3 interns. I focussed on our Orchestrator's REST API, which was written in C# and which communicates with our UI, DynamoDB and CircleCI. This allows for scalability of document ingestion which will save 3100+ hours of engineer work. Our team's intern project was deployed to AWS.
    Company: Quicken Loans
    Duration: JUNE - AUG 2020
    Location: Detroit, Michigan
    Languages: C# ASP.NET, Angular

  • 2019 - Technical Services Intern

    I reduced SLA notification code duplication by 80% which increased accuracy to 100% with Java Scipt. My Power Shell script imported agents and agencies from AID into ServiceNow and created relationships, allowing those employees to be linked to support tickets.
    Company: Frankenmuth Insurance
    Duration: MAY - AUG 2019
    Location: Frankenmuth, Michigan
    Languages: Power Shell, Java Script

My Education & Projects

  • 2023 - Master of Science, Artificial Intelligence

    I have accepted my offer to Boston University's MS AI program. I will be taking intensive coursework in Machine Learning, Image and Video Processing, Natural Language Processing, as well as Deep Learning.
    School: Boston University
    Duration: 2022 - 2023
    GPA: N/A

  • 2022 - Bachelor of Science Engineering, Computer Science

    I have graduated with a BSE for Computer Science in May 2022. I participated in several extra curriculars including: Michigan Hackers, Chess Team, Rec Tennis, and I was a Residential Advisor. I've held several leadership positions, such as being the Security Lead as well as Vice President of External Affairs for Michigan Hackers, Chess Team Vice President, and Chess Team President.
    School: University of Michigan
    Duration: 2018 - 2022
    GPA: 3.4

  • 2021 - Deep Learning Go Bot

    I have recently become very interested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As a side project, I am developing a bot to play Go. This bot will be written in Python, and deployed to AWS to play against other Go bots online. I have implemented several algorithms, including Naive, Minimax, Monte Carlo Tree Search, and Convolutional Neural Networks.
    Technologies: Python, AWS
    URL: GoAI

  • 2019 - Google FooBar

    During the summer I received an invitation to complete the Google FooBar Competition. Over 5 levels, there are a total of 9 challenges, covering topics such as Graph Theory, Combinatorics, and Dynamic Prorgamming. I completed all 9 challenges, which required being able to handle up to 10100 points of input in O(n) space and a worst case O(n*log(n)) time complexity.
    Duration: JUN - SEP 2019
    Challenges Completed: 9/9
    Languages: Python, Java


Michigan Hackers

I spent 4 years with Michiga Hackers, as a Security Engineer, Security Lead, Vice President of External Affairs, and Senior Advisor. As VP, I raised $2000 and hosted events with Google, Facebook, Capital One and Grainger.

Chess Club

I have spent the past 2 years as a Chess Club Officer in charge of New Membership and Logistics. Pre-COVID I was on the team that won Division II at the PanAmerican Chess Championships.

Residential Advisor

I spent 2 years as a Residential Advisor for Michigan Housing. I had a hall of 60-freshman boys that I advised and hosted events for. My most attended events included game nights, and an Internship workshop.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me to learn more about my projects!
Email nkono@umich.edu